Watch Dwayne Johnson Encourage 2-Year-Old Daughter Tiana to inform Herself She’s “Awesome” and “Smart”

To honor International Women’s Day, Dwayne Johnson shared an adorable video of him telling his 2-year-old daughter Tiana that she’s “pretty,” “awesome” and “smart.”

Dwyane Johnson is that the ultimate motivational speaker, even for his family.

On March 8, to celebrate International Women’s Day, the proud dad took to his Instagram to share an excellent cute video of him giving his 2-year-old daughter Tiana Gia Johnson an encouraging exhortation.

Can you say, ‘I’m a reasonably girl?'” Dwayne asked as he held her in his arms. To which the toddler mumbled, “I’m a reasonably girl.”

“That’s right, and even more importantly than which will you say, ‘I’m an awesome girl?'” he asked and Tiana adorably repeated, “Awesome girl.”

The Jumanji star then asked his daughter to mention that she’s “a very smart girl” and “I can do anything,” which she does.

Dwayne then looked around his shoulders for wife Lauren Hashian before telling Tiana to mention , “Daddy’s the simplest .” At first, Tiana repeated the road on the other hand screamed, “Mother!”

“No, not mother, no, you’re ruining the thing,” Dwayne joked. “Just, Daddy’s the simplest .”

Dwyane captioned he adorable daddy-daughter moment with, “She can say ‘Awthum gurl’ all day long… as long as she knows she’s awesome, that’s all that matters.”

Adding, “And her declarative MUDDER!! at the top seals the entire deal – she know’s who the important boss is.”

As fans may know, the multi-talented business shares Tiana Gia and Jasmine Johnson, 5, together with his wife Lauren. Dwayne also features a 19-year-old daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson, from his previous marriage.

Baby Tiana makes multiple appearances on her dad’s social media. Just a couple of days ago, she attempted to dodge bedtime by playing a food game with Dwayne.

“When it is time to travel to bed these babies do everything they will to remain up longer,” he wrote within the caption. “So this suggests daddy you’ve got to take a seat criss cross apple sauce and not move while I serve you Hawaiian Shave Ice. For 20min.”

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