Eddie Van Halen’s Son Says He’s “Hurt” By 2021 Grammys Tribute to Late Rocker

Wolfgang Van Halen is communicating his mistake over the 2021 Grammys accolade for his late dad and rock legend, Eddie Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen’s child is taking a stand in opposition to his late dad’s Grammys accolade.

Following the ritzy service on Sunday, March 14, Wolfgang Van Halen took to online media to communicate how he truly felt about the In Memoriam fragment. The unique highlighted the incredible demigod who died last October at 65 years old after a fight with throat malignancy.

“The Grammys requested that I play ‘Emission’ for the ‘In Memoriam’ area and I declined. I don’t figure anybody might have satisfied how my dad helped music however himself,” Wolfgang shared on Monday, March 15. “It was my arrangement that there would be an ‘In Memoriam’ area where pieces of melodies were performed for amazing specialists that had passed.”

“I didn’t understand,” he added, “that they would just show Pop for 15 seconds in 4 full exhibitions for other people, we had lost.”

The 29-year-old performer, who was previously the Van Halen bass player, clarified that he expected a more significant accolade for his dad.

“What hurt the most was that he wasn’t referenced when they discussed specialists we lost in the start of the show,” Wolfgang noted. “I realize rock isn’t the most mainstream type at this moment, (and the institute appears to be somewhat distant) however I believe it’s difficult to overlook the heritage my dad left on the instrument, the universe of rock, and music by and large. There won’t ever be another pioneer like him.”

Wolfgang clarified that he’s “not hoping to begin some sort of scorn march here,” in any case, he felt it was simply option to “clarify my side.”

“I realize Pop would presumably dismiss it and say ‘Ehh who gives a s- – t? He was distinctly about the music at any rate. The rest didn’t make any difference,” the guitarist composed, adding, “I’d love to get the chance to talk with The Recording Academy about the tradition of my dad, however the tradition of the Rock classification pushing ahead. Much obliged to you.”

After a long fight with throat malignant growth, Eddie Van Halen died on Oct. 6, 2020.

The late star’s child affirmed the tragic news via online media, sharing, “I can’t trust I’m composing this, however my dad, Edward Lodewijk Van Halen, has lost his long and laborious fight with disease today.”

“He was the best dad I might request,” Wolfgang’s assertion proceeded. “Each second I’ve imparted to him on and off stage was a blessing. My heart is broken and I don’t think I’ll at any point completely recuperate from this misfortune. I love you so much, Pop.”

Right now, the Recording Academy still can’t seem to remark on Wolfgang’s post.

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