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2021 Africa Cup of Nations postponed — see which MLS players are affected |

Nothing is played on the other hand in group D between The Gambia, Gabon and the DRC. The three teams are holding on by a point before the match on Thursday between Gabon and the DRC.

A formality for Egypt and the Ivory Coast

Egypt and Comoros should take advantage of the week to secure the first two places in Group G. The two teams are five points ahead of Kenya, who will host Egypt this Thursday at 5:00 pm.

In Group K, the suspense is high with a triple neck and neck: the Ivory Coast will try to validate its place in Niger. Ethiopia (3rd) and Madagascar (2nd) meer on Wednesday.

And on Saturday for group Le Benin and Nigeria will compete.

The five day programme


Group A: Chad-Namibia: 0-3


Group B: South Sudan-Malawi

Group B: Uganda-Burkina Faso

Group K: Ethiopia-Madagascar

Group F: Rwanda-Mozambique

Group F: Cape Verde-Cameroon

Group A: Guinea-Mali

Group D: Gambia-Angola

Group D: Gabon-DR Congo

Group C: Sao Tome and Principe-Sudan


Group G: Comoros-Togo

Group G: Kenya-Egypt

Group C: South Africa-Ghana

Group H: Botswana-Zimbabwe

Group H: Zambia-Algeria

Group J: Equatorial Guinea-Tanzania

Group J: Libya-Tunisia


Group E: Burundi- Rep. Central African

Group I: Eswatini-Guinea Bissau

Group I: Congo-Senegal

Group K: Niger-Ivory Coast


Group E: Mauritania-Morocco

Group L: Lesotho-Sierra Leone

Group L: Benin-Nigeria

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